Keeping business contacts included, informed and up to date has never been easier

Think of a ringfenced business circle of contacts with the ability to share confidential information, but also having the option to filter who sees the shared content and the capacity to know when it is received.

Follco features include a Timeline View, Private Chat, Group Chat, File sharing, Private Comments and Push Notifications.

Easy to use platform

A Quickpost is our version of Direct Mail.

Filter by full contact list, private group or individual.

All replies are private and can include files.

See when the intended target of your Quickpost opened, commented or clicked on it.

Seen as a solution to endless email threads and a jammed up inbox.

Dedicated mobile app

Never miss a thing with business communication in the palm of your hand.

Send an important update, manage business contacts and view post analytics on the go.

Files and chat section.

Futureproof your communication channel with Follco.

File Share

Follco Users will have access to the shared files on desktop and also via our mobile app.

Direct Message

Private Chat between Business Admin and Contact. Chat can be initiated by Admin or Contact. Can include files.

Group Chat

Admin can create group chats to include up to 100 contacts. Multiple groups enabled. Dedicated chat icon on mobile app. Can include files.

Timeline View

All posts received are visually impactful, enhancing End User Experience and increasing your brand recognition.

GDPR Compliant

Your privacy is important to us. Follco is certified EU GDPR Compliant.


Follco ensures security through various methods such as encryption over the databases that store personal data.

User Friendly

Centered around simplicity and developed with every Follco user at the forefront of our design.

Push Notifications

Important Information shared needs a reliable delivery method. Keep business contacts involved, informed and up to date.

Simple steps to use Follco

Follco - Simple and secure, unrivalled customer support, 30 day Free Trial, cancel anytime.

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