Booking Feature

Client type: Medical, Occupational Health, Clinic, Laboratory

Currently in use for high volumes of Covid PCR Testing and Results.

End User selects a bookable slot aligned to Clinic availability, appointment can be saved to calendar, once appointment is complete a private result is uploaded and sent directly into the results section of the Follco App.

A negative PCR test result allows the App User to enter their passport number and instantly create a digital Travel Cert. This can be downloaded and viewed offline also.

Easily automate the creation of your Vaccine Passport with an image upload of your physical vaccine card.

Schedule can be customised to reflect clinic opening hours, GDPR Compliant with User generated activity timeline.

Follco is currently helping multinationals by providing a safe return to work during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Clocking in/out Feature

Client Type : Hospitality, Retail, Office, Manufacturing

Simple one touch clock in and clock out icon, report appears in real time linked to Admin Panel, Admin User can edit missed punches, weekly schedule can be downloaded and printed.


Client Type : All Companies

Follco Premium can be fully customised to your brands colour scheme and logos. This means all of your business communications are received via an app that puts your brand identity front and centre. Follco is simply a facilitator of the software, your very own business branded private platform is what your staff, clients, partners and colleagues see.

Permissions Management

Client Type : All Companies

Follco Premium allows for optional manager and collaborator users. Managers in the system are granted access to Company Contacts including creating new contacts , Contact groups and sending posts. The Admin can’t do it all alone! Collaborators can also send posts but don’t have access to company contacts. The four tier system, Admin, manager, collaborator and end user is designed to help companies streamline the sharing of important information from the top down and deliver consistency across your company communication channel.