Business Admin Users have access to a wide
variety of features from the Follco mobile app.

Business Group Chat

Follco offers every business their own business branded Instant Chat Platform.

Allowing for multiple groups means your business can focus on productivity and creativity even while working remotely.

Group Chats are a vital tool when it comes to team projects, stay on the same page and stay in control of all your important business discussions on one easy to use App.

Keep Colleagues Up To Date

See in real time when your message is received.

When your company has an important update, don't leave it to chance, with the Follco Private App your colleagues will get your communications direct to their mobile handset and best of all, you can even see when they open, comment or click on it...

Push Notifications

Every time your business sends an update, your contacts will be notified, better still, the admin has access to real time analytics as to when the post was received. Take the guess work out of email and trust follco to deliver.

Follco is an invite only, private business communication platform, once a business account is set up, the admin user sends a private, encrypted link by email to the invited business contact, once opened the link directs new users to download the Follco App from the relevant App store.

Once joined, the Users of this platform are granted access to information and features based on the permission levels set by the Admin User.

Follco works closely and privately with a diverse range of clients to streamline business communications for the benefit of their individual business needs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you in the world of business communications.