Five Reasons to Invest in a Partner Experience (PX) Platform

Few factors are more critical to the growth of your business than healthy partner and reseller relationships. Those thriving relationships can open new doors, expand your reach and unlock a host of other exciting benefits.

Given that’s the case, are you doing enough to manage and nurture those relationships? Engaged partners are one thing, but you want fanatics.

If you’re going to create those strong ties between your partners, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality partner experience platform. This tool can help you to deliver exceptional experiences that scale your channel partner programme.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Partner Experience (PX) and five reasons you should invest in a PX platform.

What Is Partner Experience (PX)?

Before we dive into the main reasons to invest in a PX platform, let’s go through a quick definition of PX and what it can do for you.

Essentially, PX can be defined as the result of every factor and initiative that exists to make your partnerships amazing. Relationship-oriented businesses use a PX score to reflect the quality of their partnerships and shape their strategies going forward.

A PX score can be used as the ultimate metric to measure how you should approach your partnerships and which interventions are most appropriate. If you would like more general information around PX, be sure to read our piece on PX and how it can benefit your business.

Five Reasons to Invest in a PX Platform

Now that we’ve got a better idea of PX and what it means, let’s take a closer look at the five reasons you should invest in a PX platform.

  1. Create a single source of truth to reduce confusion

How do you currently assess the effectiveness of your partnership initiatives? You might take a look at the duration of your relationships, for instance, or the number of partners that you have.

But with such limited metrics, it’s often hard to get the full picture. While you might have long relationships, for instance, you can’t really tell if your partners are truly satisfied and whether or not your relationships are driving symbiotic value.

A feature-rich PX platform can empower you to unlock new insights and get a full view of how your business is performing. The most powerful PX platforms provide you with a direct link to your partners and offer a suite of supplementary metrics to drive insight.

  1. Reduce the cost of answering repeat questions

Statistics from Salesforce show that 67% of customers say their standard for good experiences is higher than they’ve ever been. If you’re going to impress and retain your most loyal customers, it’s essential that you make their success your business.

This can be taxing, though. You’ll need a team of customer support and customer success agents who communicate with your customers as and when necessary. This can quickly drive up your costs and even cause confusion with mixed messaging.

High-quality PX platforms make it simple for you to build and scale your channel partner programs. You can leverage this communication channel to reduce the cost of answering repeat questions and ensure that your message is always heard loud and clear.

  1. Create a stronger internal culture

The world’s most partnership-oriented businesses work incredibly hard to cultivate a strong internal culture that values great relationships. Rather than just listing that as a corporate value, those businesses walk the talk and provide their teams with the tools and processes to make relationships great.

If you invest in a high-quality PX platform, you’ll really demonstrate your strong commitment to partnership excellence. Not only will it provide your team with the groundwork for relationship building success, but that tool will also underscore your corporate value and secure buy-in from your team members.

  1. Amplify your brand

If your partners are going to identify with your business, it’s critical that you create and champion a strong brand identity. That identify will make your business relatable and recognisable, thereby helping your partners to build an authentic connection.

Creating and championing a powerful brand is no easy task, though. You’ll need to engage your marketing department and make sure that your customer-facing teams understand how to bring your brand to life.

As well as a strong strategy and sense of motivation, you’ll also need the appropriate tools to succeed. A great PX platform can help you to share the right messages at the right time. This can amplify your brand and your messaging to forge stronger links between you and your partners.

  1. Achieve faster and more effective communication

In today’s fast-moving business environment, information is everything. It’s absolutely critical that you provide your partners with timely and relevant updates that they can use to move their business forwards.

If you have an important product update, for instance, you’ll need to share it so that your partners can leverage it to their own ends. This can help you to upsell new products and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Sharing that information isn’t easy, though. Your customers might have conflicting preferences in terms of communication channels, for instance, and you can’t be sure that your announcements will be seen.

The best PX platforms make it simple for you to share posts in a timeline format with your partners. You can use the PX platform to share posts in a variety of formats like announcements, articles, surveys and more. This functionality means that you can make yourself heard and provide your partners with the information they need.

Create Your PX Platform Today

Are you ready to invest in a leading PX platform to unlock all of the benefits above? Learn more about Follco today and how our PX platform can help you to deliver exceptional brand, partner and reseller experiences.

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